Welcome to the Dubs Club!

(because “W&W Rewards Club” is just too hard to say.)

How it works:

You pick a day of the month that works best for you to carve out massage time

We set up a recurring monthly appointment for one full year

You save 10% every single session

It’s really just that easy.

If you need to switch days, or cancel an appointment?

No biggie! We can change appointments around as needed when things come up, just like anything else we schedule in life. When you rebook the appointment you still get 10% off the next session and every session.

You can opt out ANYTIME without repercussions/shame/hard feelings. Just send me a message, and I delete the recurring appointment off the books. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You can join back in at ANYTIME. Again, just send me the message and you're in.

and if that wasn’t enough…

It’s not just discounted massages!

Club members also get:

1.) One free Emergency Session per year, home visit or in our office

For when things have gone terribly awry and you need work RIGHT NOW give us a call and I’ll come running. Any hour, any location.

2.) Free spa party services either as a host or attendee of one of our coveted shindigs

One, two, or all three mini spa services at ANY Wise &Well spa party while you’re a member are complimentary!

3.) A secret gratitude gift delivered to you via snail mail

It’s a surprise, no peeking.

Plus, complimentary hugs and high fives, as ever.

Ready? Sign up now and get those perks!

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What's your name?
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Mailing Address
When would you like to schedule your first session as a club member?
When would you like to schedule your first session as a club member?