Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Ashiatsu?

It’s a full body massage given with the practitioner’s feet! Massaging with the foot provides a broader surface and wider range of reach, which gives you:

  • no thumbs jabbing into your sorest muscles

  • maximum firm pressure with less (sometimes zero) pain

  • more even pressure all over your body

  • longer strokes- like say from your heel all the way up to your neck in one long, slow, heavenly glide

Only one foot at a time is used to apply the massage strokes, the other remains on the table for balance, stability, and to control the amount of pressure. Overhead bars are used to provide additional balance for the therapist. You will not be "walked on" with both feet (this isn’t Charlie’s Angels, I am not Lucy Liu by any stretch of the imagination), I simply use a bare foot as I would hands in a regular massage. 

Traditionally in Ashiatsu, the client disrobes entirely, however I can work over undergarments if you prefer. For your comfort and protection (as well as ours), sanitized floor mats are used to keep my feet clean as I step up and down off the treatment table.

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What are Synergy Stones?

Synergy Stones are heated massage tools invented by Seattle-based massage therapist Scott Wynn. They are contoured ergonomic shapes made of ceramic stoneware, then finished with a smooth polish to give optimal glide with no oil.

Most of us have encountered plastic massage tools with knobs, tossed into a gift bag at some point or another...imagine that shape, made out of quality stoneware, heated to 116 degrees, in the hands of a quality massage therapist.

Because of their shape and long-lasting heat you get:

  • heavy pressure and heat right where you need it, and smooth, light pressure where you don’t

  • more actual massage time, rather than getting stones in-and-out-of-water time

  • a blissful hot stone experience that leaves your skin 100% grease-free

Depending on your needs and goals, I use Synergy stones over the top sheet during full sessions, and over your clothing for public events and spa parties.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “RAY-kee”) is an energy healing technique dating back to 3000 BCE in the region of what is now Tibet, which was then rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan the late 1800’s. It’s similar to the traditional laying on of hands in energy healing work, a very meditative and calming technique done with the client fully clothed and draped under linens on the massage table. Stationary touch and prolonged gentle holds are used to channel the energy flow into the body, balancing Ki (Chi), releasing pent-up emotions and stress, clarifying focus and healing from the inside out.

The benefits of Reiki are widespread and wholly positive.
Reiki can:

  • improve your sleep

  • give you greater clarity in decision-making

  • lessen racing thoughts

  • ease feelings of depression and anxiety

  • enhance your creativity

  • relieve pain and tension

  • increase your self-esteem, compassion, and body positivity

During your session you may feel tingling, vibration, pressure, see colors, remember forgotten sights/smells, feel a floating sensation, or you may not feel much of anything except a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Many clients fall asleep during Reiki, which is perfectly fine! Often the full effects are felt later in the day or even up to 3 days after a full Reiki healing. The goal is to release any stagnant energy blocks and revitalize the flow of Ki within the body, as such it affects each individual differently— there’s no such thing as a wrong reaction to Reiki.

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What do I wear for my appointment?

This depends on the service.

For massages and spa services, most clients keep only their undergarments on,  some are comfortable removing all clothing.
There are two general things to keep in mind: 
1.) The more skin-to-skin contact the therapist has, the better the massage will be. 
2.) Your personal comfort is more important than anything else.

 I would rather work with a comfortable, fully-dressed person than an anxious, naked one. Life is already stressful. There is no reason to add stress to your healing and relaxation time. If it will be the the difference between feeling relaxed and feeling self-conscious, wear as much clothing as you like.

Certain services, like dynamic cupping, require skin to skin contact for the specific region being addressed. All other services can be modified to accommodate clothing. 

I ask that you remove dangling or bulky jewelry for the duration of your service both for your comfort and mine.

I always maintain a non-judgmental, body-positive atmosphere. I honestly and truly believe that all bodies are beautiful. 

For any specific questions, you can contact us any time at 937-476-1559

What do I do if I need to cancel?

Please notify me as soon as possible of any cancellations or rescheduling needs by calling or texting 937-476-1559 or emailing
Failing to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice will result in a late cancellation fee charge of 50% of service price. The late cancellation fee must be paid before your next service. For special events and spa parties I require 72 hours notice. Please be aware that I have your scheduled time specifically blocked off to accommodate you, and I ask the same courtesy to be extended. If you send another client in your place, you will not be charged the fee.
Arriving late to your appointment may require me to shorten the length of your service or reschedule so other clients are not inconvenienced.

I want to book a spa party for an event, how does that work?

First you can check out the spa party page here, then send us a message and we’ll chat about it!


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