Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu is a form of massage which originated in India and dates back to the 12th century. It was brought to Japan and named "foot-pressure": Ashiatsu. When brought to the United States the techniques were altered more directly address muscle groups as opposed to energy centers, resulting in what is being practiced here today--a deeply relaxing, flowing massage technique done with bare feet over the whole body. Only one foot at a time is used to apply the massage strokes, the other remains on the table for balance, stability, and to control the amount of pressure. Overhead bars are used to provide additional balance for the therapist. You will not be "walked on" with both feet, we simply use a bare foot as we would hands in a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. Traditionally, the client disrobes entirely, however we can work over undergarments if the client prefers. Fresh towels on the floor are used to keep the therapist's feet sanitary as we step up and down off the treatment table- at Wise & Well we take hygiene and sanitary procedures very seriously, both for your comfort and protection as well as ours.
When our founder, Erin, first received Ashiatsu massage, her first reaction was "It doesn't feel like feet! Why doesn't it feel like feet?"
It truly feels like a larger hand giving the massage with broader, more even pressure. Many people find that once they go Ashiatsu, they never go back!

What are Synergy Stones?

Synergy Stones are specially made hot stones invented by Seattle-based massage therapist Scott Wynn. They are contoured into ergonomic shapes out of ceramic stoneware, then finished with a smooth polish to give optimal glide even with no oil. Most of us have encountered cheap, plastic massage tools with knobs. Imagine that shape, made out of quality stoneware, and heated to 116 degrees. (Or for our summer to-go menu, chilled in our mini fridge.) Then put it in the hands of a quality massage therapist! We generally use them over the clothing for our public events, and over the top sheet for our spa services. Because of their design we are able to work more deeply and efficiently than with natural stones, and our clients don't have to worry about coming off the table covered in oil!

What do I wear for my session?

This depends on the service.
All of our To-Go offerings are done over your clothing with no linens or draping. Whatever you happen to be wearing to the event is fine for any of those services.

For traditional massages and spa services, typically most clients keep only their undergarments on,  some are comfortable removing all clothing.
There are two general things to keep in mind: 
1.) The more skin-to-skin contact the therapist has, the better the massage will be. 
2.) Your level of comfort is paramount

If it will be the the difference between feeling relaxed and feeling self-conscious, wear as much clothing as you like. We would rather work on someone fully clothed, shoes, belt, and all, than someone feeling anxious about removing more than they wished. Life is already stressful. There is no reason to add stress to the massage table.
Certain services, like dynamic cupping and the body treatments, require skin to skin contact for the specific region being addressed. All other services can be modified to accommodate clothing. 

We ask that you remove dangling or bulky jewelry for the duration of your service both for your comfort and ours. Jewelry of great emotional importance can of course be kept on and we will work around it.

We always maintain a non-judgmental, body-positive atmosphere. We honestly and truly believe that all bodies are beautiful. 

For any specific questions, you can contact us any time at 937-476-1559

What do I do if I need to cancel?

Please notify us as soon as possible of any cancellations or rescheduling needs by calling or texting 937-476-1559 or emailing
Failing to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice will result in a late cancellation fee charge of 50% of service price. The late cancellation fee must be paid before your next service. For special events and spa parties we require 72 hours notice. Please be aware that our  therapists have your scheduled time specifically blocked off to accommodate you, and we ask the same courtesy to be extended. If you send another client in your place, you will not be charged the fee.
Arriving late to your appointment may require us to shorten the length of your service or reschedule so our other clients are not inconvenienced.

I want to book the mobile tiny spa for an event, how does that work?

Send us an inquiry by clicking below and we will relate the details as pertains to your event via email.