The Hygge Sessions: Massage Therapy for Winter Blues

Hygge: (pronounced hyoo-guh) a Danish word for a quality of coziness- feeling warm, comfortable, and safe, that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time with your family.

If you're like me, starting around mid-October when the first real crispness gets in the air, you begin to embrace (with borderline-aggressive energy) every warm cup of tea, down comforter, and favorite movie you've seen 10,000 times. By all appearances you are incredibly jolly and living up your best life...

But it's not out of joy, it's a distraction—an attempt to blot out what's hiding underneath: pure sadness from Fall until Spring. 

Waking up in the dark? 


Coming home from work in the dark? 


Cold toes? 


So sure, maybe you throw a sweater party, or sing some songs during your commute, buy some extra candles and start watching TV shows set in the Caribbean, but it's always hard. It's work to keep doing things at all, even the nice things.

I've spent so many winters feeling cheated that the earth gets to rest, sleep, and regenerate, gets to retract back from the frost until the thaw...while I have to pull on my snow boots to go to the bank, the pharmacy, and then sit through a meeting. Didn't they know all I really wanted was to eat soup and sleep? Can't the endless demands just hit pause and wait until spring like the trees do?

Evidently not.

I've looked everywhere for the that pause button, or a fast-forward button, or the dear-god-that's-enough-snow-you-can-stop-now button, and they aren't there, loves.

Fortunately, this year there's another option for you to make this winter not just livable, but good:

The Hygge Sessions: Massage therapy for Winter Blues

series package includes

6 massages, 1 every other week for 12 weeks

a sunrise alarm clock

a bottle of aromatherapy morning mist

a set of daily encouragement calendar stickers

Why massage?


For starters, massages with me are warm and cozy in at least 5 different ways:

  • table warmer

  • hot towel foot wraps

  • hot stones

  • super soft cuddly blanket

  • no phones or interruptions

Even without my hands it'd be therapeutic, but the bodywork takes it up to the next level by:

  • relieving pain patterns and tension

  • lowering stress hormones

  • improving circulation and boosting immunity (suck it, cold and flu season!)

  • increasing mobility

  • feeling real nice

Why for Winter Blues?

One of the hardest things about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the complete lack of desire to leave the house and do things...while simultaneously being completely bored stiff of being in the house not doing things.

Coming to the Wise & Well office gives you a place to go that is twinkly, pretty, quiet, and no one is asking anything of you but to lie down.

What's with the sunrise alarm clock thing?

We can all agree that waking up in the dark is the worst. Waking up in the dark and knowing you have to Get Things Done is the double worst.

Cue the sunrise alarm clock: 30 mins prior to your set alarm time, it begins gradually to light up, simulating the sunrise and daylight.

I am the least-morning-person you may ever meet, and this clock has made me a 9000% nicer person to be around before breakfast. It will be a game changer for your mornings too!


Speaking of which, included in your opt-in is an aromatherapy morning mist. I've blended it with lemon, lime, grapefruit, and cloves to help you wake up faster, brighter, with more alertness and joy. You roll out of bed, spritz spritz, inhale, and you'll be ready to take on the day-- even when the day requires your thickest wool socks and an ice scraper for your windshield.


And the stickers?

Sticker promo image.png

The other hardest thing about SAD is feeling like it will never end. Logically, we know Spring will come eventually…but day after day it feels more like the dark might actually be forever this time.

Hence: calendar stickers. Not only will your massages make the weeks seem to fly by, but you also get to use daily encouragement stickers to cross every day off, marking time as we go steadily towards the warmer months.

Plus? Stickers are fun!


The Hygge Sessions package includes a total value of $680 available for you for: 


or 4 monthly payments of $141.25

You save $115 off full price AND get all those gifts that keep on giving- like increased friendliness/compassion for your body, the foundation for a stellar daily gratitude practice, and better mornings forever.

Ready to put more Ease in the Season?

Sessions begin November 7th!


What my clients say:

Erin is a very skilled, intuitive massage therapist. I have had many massage therapists over the years and Erin is one of the best!
I just got a 60 minute massage this morning and I feel totally restored and ready to face the week.
— Patty B.
So peaceful & calming. Great for my mental health!!
— Allanté JT.
I love Wise & Well mobile spa. I always walk out feeling refreshed and ready. I also always feel like I am heard. Thank you for all you do!
— Judi M.

So yes. It’s real, it’s here.

Over the course of the 12 darkest, coldest, accidentally-stepping-in-snowmelt-in-your-socks weeks of the year…you get:

6 hours of massage therapy (normally $600)

Plus $80 worth of freebie goodies

all for $565
(or 4 monthly payments of $141.25)

Let’s get comfy cozy!