Erin Clarke, LMT

Photo by Whitney Saleski

Photo by Whitney Saleski


My mission is to bring more ease into your life.

I’m here to heal, encourage, inspire, and bring out the relaxed you, the one waiting inside underneath all that stress and pain.

How do I know there's a lovely real you under there?
Because I spent a long time feeling trapped under loads of stress, depression, anxiety, and immense chronic "untreatable" pain.
I know how it feels to be betrayed by your own body, to feel like a stranger in your own skin, to be in a desperate war with your physical self (and to have no energy left to go back into battle.)

Years of trial, error, success, and more error in trying to heal my own body has given me an abundance of knowledge in how to help others heal. 15 years ago I feel deeply in love with meditation and eastern philosophy, spurring an ongoing practice of Vipassana meditation. Wanting to learn more about anatomy, physiology, and holistic medicine, I attended massage therapy school and graduated in 2016. In between and on after, I’ve fiddled with diet, delved deeply in studying mental health, I’ve examined thought patterns, played with stretching, experimented with sleep, dabbled in the esoteric and picked apart the microbiological. I will most likely never stop investigating more ways to understand how I and others function at our best, because it’s FUN! But regardless of how many more techniques I learn, articles I read, and facets I explore, massage is where my heart’s work lies.

I use massage therapy, energy work, and personalized meditation coaching to help you to reconnect with your body and all the wisdom it has to share.

Together we practice being with your body as it is, listening deeply, and answering the call. We work through releasing pain in all its forms, balancing posture and movement, and embracing the radical act of relaxation.

The side effects are:

  • more energy

  • less stress

  • elevated and stabilized mood

  • relief from pain and injury

  • reset muscles to their optimal state

  • greater flexibility and range of motion

  • deeper connection to your intuition

"So...." You might ask,

"Are we going to do medical massage?" 
Yes! And as we work I will joyously explain to you as many fun facts and details about your physiological structures as you will allow me to share, because I am a gigantic science nerd.

"Are we going to do intuitive spiritual stuff?" 
Yes! Because in addition to having an analytical logician brain, I am a highly sensitive person, empath, and Reiki level 2 practitioner.

"I just want to relax...can we do that?" 
Yes! Not everyday is a day for Fixing. Creating space to purely experience the present moment, to feel amazing in your skin, to enjoy each deep, quiet breath in 90 minutes all of your own is 100% my jam.

Ready to dive in?


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