Relaxation On-The-Go

15 minute Mini Sessions available at offices, festivals, and events around town:

Fijian Massage

15 minutes $20

Deep tissue, tension-melting pressure kneads your muscles, relieving pain. Stay fully dressed, no lotions or linens, while we use our feet to provide a full body massage like you’ve never experienced. Broad, even compressions ease discomfort, dissolve stress, and revitalize your day.

Synergy Stone

15 minutes $20 (hot or cold)

Enjoy the soothing heat or refreshing cold as our contoured Synergy Stones work deeply into muscles, releasing tension and restoring the body. We work over the clothes, focusing on the back and shoulders to leave you feeling balanced and relaxed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

15 MINUTES $20

Gentle myofascial stretching and neuromuscular therapy techniques release constrictions in the forearms, relieving pressure on the nerves into the hand. Alleviate discomfort, naturally, in our beautiful portable oasis.


Yes, we do spa parties!

(with a secret expanded menu...)

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