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Nature's Retreat

90 minutes $150

Deeply grounding and meditative, our Nature's Retreat package includes: a full body Hot Stone massage, aromatherapy, and our magnesium treatment for hands and feet.
Designed to help you unwind, this package leaves you feeling profoundly relaxed, calm and centered.

Cloud 9

90 minutes $125

Experience our gentlest relaxation package: 90 minutes of gentle, light pressure massage over the whole body to ease anxiety, soothe stress, and release tension. Includes aromatherapy and acupressure energy balancing to leave you more relaxed than you've ever been.

Complete Renewal

2-3 Hours $275

Begin anew with everything we have to offer in one incredible package: start melting with our hot stones, following by dynamic cupping to release bound down tissue. Then experience smooth, flowing Ashiatsu to rejuvenate and relax the muscles, dissolving tension throughout the whole body. Finish with aromatherapy and acupressure energy balancing to leave you completely refreshed, grounded, and revitalized. You will be a whole new you by the end.


Body Treatments



Magnesium Hand and Foot Treatment

30 MINUTES $30 

Magnesium has the power to relieve sore muscles, improve sleep, reduce frequency of migraines, and alleviate symptoms of PMS. Get a megadose of this extraordinary mineral in our 3 part hand and foot treatment. Start off with a soothing foot soak with your choice of aromatherapy, then receive a soothing, restorative massage of the feet and hands with magnesium oil. We finish with hot towel wraps to increase absorption through the skin and leave your hands and feet feeling refreshed.

Happy Pits Underarm Detox


A  bentonite clay mask draws metals, chemicals, and dirt and cellular waste out of the skin and lymphatics. By purifying your underarms to their ideal state,  smell sweeter, sweat less, and keep your body safe from harmful aluminum found in conventional deodorants.

Service includes the mask, a 15 minute neck massage, hot towels, and an additional take-home mask with one stick all-natural aluminum-free deodorant.


Service Upgrades


  • Incorporate a Synergy Stone +$15
    (already included in Hot Stone Massage)

  • Incorporate Dynamic Cupping +$30
    (already included in Medical Massage)



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What our clients say:

Such a wonderful business-and run by a wonderful business owner! I had a great experience with Wise & Well. Erin created a relaxing experience and environment and it was exactly what I needed for a prenatal massage. She even gave me some tips and exercises to help with my back. I will surely be going back to her again!!
— Erika J.