Why Get a Massage? Round 1

Did you ever get something sticky on your scissors as a kid?

Maybe you cut through the rubber cement on your project, accidentally gooped some Elmer’s on your desk, or maybe you were slicing some athletic tape before jumping into intramurals after school.

We’ve all had a sticky scissors situation at some point or another. Sure they still work, but they’re slower, harder to open, so we don’t open them quite as far due to the effort. And of course you might try some soap and water, but it doesn’t get them all the way clean and you simply become accustomed to slower, tougher-to-use scissors. (Until you break down and get new ones.)

This is exactly like our bodies. (Only we don’t get new ones.)

Our muscles get stuck, due to injury or overuse, and our movements become slower and more limited in range. Then the less we move, the stickier, thicker, and more fibrous those tissues get.

Sometimes the onset is so subtle you may not notice, but over time you may realize your neck feels funky when you try to find a comfortable sleeping position, it’s a bit achy in your shoulder when you brush your hair, you start to wonder when putting socks on became such an intense stretch, or for unknown reasons your fingers start getting tingly and a bit numb when you drive for a long time. And of course your back hurts, but it’s always like that, right?

Your “scissors” got sticky, friend.

Here’s the good news-- massage is to bodies what adhesive-remover is to sticky scissors.

Massage stretches and releases adhered fibers in muscles and the tissue around them, boosts circulation and production of synovial fluid to give more elasticity in muscle and fluidity in joint movement, and erases old pain patterns in the nervous system which make your body work harder than it needs to.

What it all boils down to?

Freer movement, quicker reflexes, less pain.

Massage is the best way to restore your nice, easy-to-use arms, legs, back, and neck back to how they used to be.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”
― Kevin Mark Trudeau

Isn’t it time to find out?

-Erin Clarke, LMT